Unlike local stores, online pharmacies work for their customers 24 hours a day without weekends, holidays, and breaks. It means that you can use their services at any time of the day or night. It is especially convenient if you suddenly felt sick at night and you don’t have the strength to go somewhere in search of Nizagara 100 mg pills.

Big Pharmacy [Rating: 4.3]
Paraguay 615, C1057 AAG, Buenos Aires, Argentina | +54 11 4312-9883 | https://big-pharmacy.negocio.site/

Big Pharmacy is one of the best pharmacies I have ever dealt with, and I have used several in the past. THEY ARE VERY PLEASANT WITH THEIR CUSTOMERS WHO CARES AND UNDERSTANDS ALL OF THEIR MEDICAL NEEDS and they take time to deal one on one to make sure you are taken care of, and they will take care of all your questions, transfers, and medical needs and having FREE DELIVERIES is a major plus. Thank you, staff, and looking forward to another year.

This is the worse pharmacy as far as having their act together and behaving professional and courteous to their customers. While there are a few nice people behind the counter, there is one gal in particular who should not be working where there are sick people. She has no sympathy for those in pain or sick, and these are the people who come to pharmacies! They can never tell you if a medication is available, enough, or approved ahead of time and will not take a minute to find out before asking you to come back a half-hour later to pick it up only to be told they don’t have it. This has happened every time I have gone in to help my brother, who has had major surgery.

Pharmacy Star [Rating: 4.4]
Defensa 201, C1065 AAD, Buenos Aires, Argentina | +54 11 4343-4040 | http://farmaciadelaestrella.com/

Fair prices, nice people! Several back surgeries, I was part of a trial for a spinal disc replacement that later was found to be unsuccessful FOR EVERYONE IN IT and added three additional surgeries for a spinal cord stimulator that were also unsuccessful! I didn’t ask for any of my condition and especially his dirty looks! Also, the churches have been donating to this place for YEARS to help the less fortunate get their meds… this guy wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH.

Very helpful and friendly staff, they always go out of their way to make sure all my medications are in order, and no matter if I need one minute of their time or five minutes of their time, they tackle my needs with enthusiasm and patience. I would recommend this store for all of your prescription needs, and the lines aren’t ridiculous like other pharmacies that I won’t mention around town. Big kudos to the management of Pharmacy Star for having an organized and caring team.

FARMAPLUS – Microcentro II [Rating: 4.2]
Av. de Mayo 675, C1084 AAB, Buenos Aires, Argentina | +54 11 4342-5144 | https://www.farmaplus.com.ar/

There’s this guy at the pharmacy there that has no customer skills. You smile. He barely smirks. He also seems to get enjoyment out of telling you you can’t have your prescription because your insurance company said you cant. But it doesn’t seem to know that the insurance company isn’t your doctor & they (the insurance company) will just not pay for it. I won’t mention names, but you know who you are as everyone else there is very nice.

I showed up at FARMAPLUS – Microcentro II 15 min before closing with my husband’s script he’d just received for Tamiflu. They filled the script in 10 minutes and squeezed in a flu shot for me before closing up. So appreciated!

Farmacity [Rating: 3.8]
Av. Córdoba 685, C1054 AAF, Buenos Aires, Argentina | +54 11 4313-3066 | https://www.farmacity.com/

This pharmacy is the most helpful, kind, patient, and responsive I have ever encountered. A lifesaver for all those with physical limitations, they take the pressure off family members having to pick up and drop off Meds, furthermore prevents us from taking too much time off of work. They deliver meds to the person’s front door accurately and well in advance. Farmacity, from the bottom of our hearts, the Margarita family, THANK YOU!!! Never change!

I have come to this store many times now. The front store seems to do a great job with customers. The pharmacy is a different story. Every tech in the pharmacy looks like they don’t want to even work there. The first thing I would like to point out is as a loyal customer, if I have a question, please, for god’s sake, don’t have a sick customer waiting on a prescription question for 30 minutes. Pharmacist Peter ho seems to only care about finishing what he’s doing. There are long lines clearly the techs need help with a question, and he just takes his sweet time talk about bad customer service. The pharmacy is due for a serious management upgrade. The pharmacy has lost my business as well as my family’s. I’m sure they will say well ridden to a loyal customer because they don’t have any customer service skills. This is the reason why people get upset. We are all human beings but please, in this profession, try to be more courteous. A simple acknowledgment from the pharmacist would have made me feel better.